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Finance FAQ's

How Our Car Finance works...

Just choose what deposit you want to put down, what term of loan you require (these can be defined separately for Hire Purchase and PCP) and your anticipated annual mileage. Once you have set your preferences every payment you see on this site will be based on these parameters.

If you want to amend your finance choices just change the details on this page or in the payment tab on the left of the page. Finance Options

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

The most popular method of New Car finance... PCP is HP (Hire Purchase) with a larger final payment that reflects a percentage of the anticipated value of the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

At the end of the agreement you may pay the final payment, or return the vehicle to the finance company*. In reality the majority of customer part exchange the vehicle when making their next purchase and use the part exchange value of the vehicle to settle the final payment.


Monthly payments are significantly lower than on a comparable HP quotation.
Final payment is guaranteed by the finance company

* (subject to mileage limitations based on your stated annual mileage and returning the vehicle in a reasonable condition for it's age and mileage) HP (Hire Purchase)

HP is the traditional method for vehicle purchase. Nowadays with the rise in popularity of PCP, HP tends to suit the buyer who intends keeping the vehicle for longer than the term of the loan.

Your deposit is deducted from the total cash price of the vehicle to give a balance that requires financing. Interest is then added and the total of the balance and interest is then repaid in equal instalments throughout the life of the loan.

Other finance methods

Lease Purchase - Similar to PCP without the guarantee on the future value. Please call to discuss..

Contract Hire - Business focused finance for VAT registered customers who want the vehicle "off" balance sheet, with a wide range of managed options including maintenance. Click here for our latest deals.

Finance Lease - Business focused finance for VAT registered customers who want the vehicle "on" balance sheet. Please call to discuss.. Credit Reports

How can your credit report affect you?
The contents of your personal credit report are very important, and help determine whether or not a lender accepts your application for credit, such as a credit card, loan or mortgage.

Your credit report can affect your ability to:
• Get a loan
• Get a credit card
• Obtain a mortgage
• Get the best credit deals

Click here to see information held on your credit report

As the information held about you by credit reference agencies like Experian is used to help determine what credit you can obtain, it is important that those details are correct.

To view your personal credit report (which lenders are currently basing their credit decisions on) apply online for a credit report from Experian, the UK's largest credit reference agency, now. You will also receive a 30-day free trial of Experian's CreditExpert Monitoring Service.

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